HVAC Repair Duncanville TX

Maintain the Health of your HVAC Systems & Save Energy

Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) HVAC systems rank among the largest power-consuming equipment employed in commercial buildings. They account for nearly 30% of the cost on an average and is used up the power used to run HVAC. It is not just essential in reducing the operating expenses of a company but also contributes to a more sustainable environment. Here are a few of the easy ways to reduce the amount of energy wasted and also save yourself a good sum that is used to maintain and other expenses.

Change HVAC Filters On A Regular Basis to cut down on energy consumption

Cleaning out old filters is among the most basic sustainability actions. It will reduce energy usage by 5-10 percent. One must examine HVAC filters regularly. Filters that are blocked and dirty hinder airflow and can overload the HVAC system, which results in an increase in HVAC maintenance problems and high repair costs. If it is possible, HVAC filters should be changed each month or switched out every three months or less.

Proper sealing of HVAC and Cooling Ducts Increases the Efficiency of HVAC

A proper seal on cooling and heating ducts can increase the effectiveness of HVAC equipment by a significant amount, averaging approximately 20 20%. Ducts can be sealed with foil tape, mastic, or blow-in sealing ducts. The sealing effect may be enhanced by wrapping ducts with insulation.

Setup Programmable Thermostats that can be programmed to prevent unnecessary energy waste

Temperature control in a commercial setting is often a source of contention. Programmable thermostats are a way to improve sustainability and help reduce energy waste. It assists in controlling the temperature of buildings by setting them to operate at lower or higher temperatures when the indoor space is not being used, which will save hundreds of dollars.

HVAC Replacement or upgrades on time also improves efficiency.

Upgrades or replacements of HVAC units and HVAC components on time will also increase the efficiency of HVAC. Operating HVAC devices and systems over their recommended lifespan results in massive energy and maintenance expenses. Heating or air conditioning units that are older than 10 years older need to be replaced by energy star-certified products. Energy Star-certified air conditioners and heat pumps can increase the sustainability of your home and cut energy bills by as much as 20 percent. Furnaces and boilers older than 15 years old need to be replaced with energy star certified boilers and furnaces which can offer substantial energy savings and cost savings.

These tiny but highly efficient measures will reduce the energy consumption to a huge amount, and will help maximize the efficiency of HVAC systems. Find your local HVAC Repair Service in Texas to find out more.